The TAITEX® Expertise

We offer a wide range of services with fabric technical know-how, supported by our years of experience and knowledge in textile manufacturing.

Fabric Analysis

We use specialized equipment to analyze fabric specifications prior to detailed and lengthy lab tests, efficiently and effectively assisting customers to receive first hand preliminary information.

  • Weighing Cutter and Scale - Exclusively designed to measure fabric weight, with accuracy of up to 0.01g. Comparing fabric thickness could be a challenge without comprehensive lab analysis. When examining fabric with bare hand, different color, softness, finishing and handling of the fabric could influence the perceived thickness of the fabric. Thus, by using specific sample size of the fabric from different lots, we can quickly identify the variations.



  • Pick Glass and Densimeter - Usually when customers present fabric for sourcing, they may not have the specifications as fabric trading has gone global for many years. Different manufacturers use distinct weaving machinery and methodologies, which leading to varying fabric construction. With the help of the tools mentioned and experience with the major manufacturing countries, we can analyze the fabric, unveiling the constructions within minutes.

Fabric Color Matching

We use industry standard testing equipment to determine the fabric color under different light sources (primarily day light D65), in such to maintain high level of color consistency.

  • Pantone® Color Chart - Customers can bring in their samples for us to identify the corresponding colors matching the Pantone® Color Chart. This is an industry wide accepted color standard which can be applied immediately during fabric dyeing process.

  • Color Light Box - One step further to reduce the deviation of human eyes on fabric color under different light sources, we use Color Light Box during the color matching process. Typically, the color examination will be carried out under D65, matching the standard day light source consistently whenever the fabric is viewed.

Fabric Sourcing

Over the past 30 years, we have estabished robust relationships with the well known local textile manufacturer, Penfabric as well as oversea suppliers who can provide stable source of running items and customized products with value-added features.

  • Malaysia Products
    • Penfabric (Toray subsidiary) is our primary source of Polyester Cotton and Polyester Rayon, who manufactures superior quality of fabric and possesses wide range of exclusive offerings with advanced technology such as water/oil repellent, anti-odor, anti-baterial, and water absorbent products.

    • Lippotex is one of the Majutex group's of companies. The factory focuses mainly on the production of value-added 100% Polyester and Polyester Cotton fabric. The establishment represents our goal of supplying quality Malaysia-made fabric to the domestic and international market.
  • Oversea Products - In addition to the locally made products, we maintain steady relationships with the oversea factories, importing textile goods from countries including Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, and etc.

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